Uber has never been successful in the application of what kind of itinerary in line with the aptana studio

Uber   has never worked for the invoice; what kind of travel to meet the requirements of energy issue — people.com.cn original title: Uber for the invoice has never worked and what kind of travel to meet the requirements issued by the Uber, what kind of travel to meet the requirements of the invoice? – choose far may wish to ask a question: as a passenger, you have to apply for the invoice in drops and Uber? I often apply in drops, or more convenient. But Uber can’t do it, because it’s never been successful. Why? Because the author applied for invoices on the Uber, the feedback received is this: it seems that your itinerary does not meet the requirements of the invoice. So, I can not help but ask: what is called "look"? Can’t it be clear? What is the "itinerary does not meet the requirements of the invoice issued"? What’s wrong with my trip? Where does not meet the invoice requirements? Another step back, even if I do not meet, it can give specific reasons? Could you tell me the specific requirements? Could you tell me what kind of trip is in line with your requirements? You don’t say anything, do you want me to guess? However, I want to say is: very sorry ah, Uber, your mind I really do not know ah! Don’t know how to ask for invoice, then check the Internet. Enter "Uber" and "invoice" two key words, but also some people ask this question. However, more seems to be on this issue to Tucao, selecting two: "when I apply for the invoice, it is out of the interface would send me the invoice within 7 working days, but now more than half a month, a little nothing, not to find the customer service phone." A month ago to play Uber, has been filled in the online form of the 3 application, has not received the invoice". Then check the relevant articles, found that the problem has been questioned by the media. Such as the Beijing daily published in June 14, 2016 "invoice Uber in China" play "tax avoidance" the article said, Uber China in the country has settled more than and 20 city to the platform began to levy 20% drivers "discount" users, but still not people excellent step taxi invoice. Uber China customer service told reporters that people excellent step is nonprofit carpool products, can not issue invoices. Oh, this is the original, people excellent step is nonprofit carpool products, can not issue invoices. But is this really the case? The Beijing Daily reported interviewed 12366 tax service hotline staff, the staff was resolutely denied: in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state tax department, even if the car platform is not profitable, it should issue the relevant invoice for consumers. Do not provide the invoice is obviously unreasonable, as long as it is to provide transportation services enterprises, whether or not they need to provide invoices. Today, the taxi software has been deeply rooted among the people. And has introduced a "network booking taxi service management procedures", nor on the network about cars "ban", but through tailored supervision mode, given its legal status, support the development of norms. As Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of transport, said: the Internet about the car does have the Internet相关的主题文章: