Universal insurance incoming new regulations such financial instruments can not buy it xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Universal insurance incoming new regulations such financial instruments can not buy it? To yield over 6%, the threshold of 1000 yuan as a universal selling point of insurance coverage, the last two years by the market widely sought after. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued "on the strengthening of personal insurance products supervision work notice", "on further improving the life insurance actuarial system related issues notice", a universal insurance regulatory tightening trend. In the past to buy universal insurance in many people it seems, with bank financing is not much different, but from the regulatory ideas of new regulations, the relevant departments are working to prevent the alienation of personal insurance products as simple short-term financial products, to ensure that the personal insurance products embody its essential characteristics. For a time the market short-term universal insurance products There were many discussions. And once fiery will ebb". In fact, there are a lot of universal insurance varieties in the Internet platform has been on the shelf, some of the key platform has been unable to find universal insurance this species. But still in the sale or operation of universal insurance yields are still in the 4%+ level, compared to financial products, such as monetary fund has a strong attraction. This kind of variety still can layout? Financial experts suggest that for some of the species can be configured to fly, and there is a clear demand for insurance is the best partner to buy a more professional insurance products. To layout this category, we need to pay attention to liquidity risk, if you want to end early may have to pay an expensive exit fee, but also pay attention to the settlement yield and the actual yield may be different. Universal insurance have shelves yields still 4%+ what is universal insurance? Universal insurance refers to the protection of life insurance in addition to the same as the traditional life insurance, but also allows customers to participate directly in the insurance company for the establishment of the investment account of the investment activities of the fund’s products. It means both the universal insurance and investment protection function, "universal" is the embodiment of paying premiums can be flexible, convenient adjustment. The beginning of 2014, "Internet plus insurance products" has become a popular combination of financial market, once Taobao, Jingdong, NetEase, Baidu and other Internet heavyweights are related to the sale of insurance products, however, this event has been very difficult to see, many have no universal insurance sales platform. China fund newspaper reporter from Taobao platform input universal insurance words, and can not query to the relevant products. The trick treasure treasure platform and ant, more is the "loan products", the term has less than 3 months, 3~6 months, 6~12 months, 12~24 months, 24 months, given the agreed rate of return in 2.5%~2.8%, 2.5%~2.8%, 3.5%~4%, 4.2% and 4.5% level. From a large Internet financial platform, in 0~3 months, 3~6 months, 6~12 months, more than 1 years period, a small amount of insurance and financial products, these products corresponding yields were 4.6%, 4.66%, 4.8%~5%, 5.3%~5.6% and so on, these are some insurance and financial products investment linked insurance and some are universal insurance, investment threshold is 1000 yuan, have more than 5000 yuan. From Tencent financial management platform, there are a small number of insurance products in the sale, product lock.相关的主题文章: