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After the surgery can not be reimbursed when the insured to the village committee director said the leak – Sohu news March 2016 a nearly 80 thousand yuan of gastric cancer surgery, thought that participated in the NCMS, can get about 36 thousand yuan for Li Xiangdong but was told can not get a penny. Linyi City, Pingyi Province, deputy director of the local people’s livelihood Li Jun told surging news (), this is because the local town of West Yao village did not pay to the social and Human Resources Bureau of the villagers to participate in the relevant costs of insurance, Li Xiangdong. Lin Chao, director of the village committee, said the village had missed Mr Li Xiangdong, but he could not recall the details. The new rural cooperative card in the village according to the West Yao grass village villagers Li Xiangdong memories, in December 2015, his son went to the village committee to pay a total of 300 yuan NCMS insurance costs. "We pay together, one person 150 yuan, the village director also opened a receipt." Li Xiangdong said. See the receipt in the surging news provided by Li Xiangdong, the payee is director of the West yaocao village Lin Chao. Li Jun, deputy director of the local town people club also said that this receipt was opened by Lin chao. In March 2016, Li Xiangdong in Shandong city of Ji’nan Province, the provincial hospital diagnosed gastric cancer underwent gastric cancer surgery. According to Li Xiangdong’s hospital bills, the total cost of hospitalization for more than 78000 yuan. Li Jun told surging news, if the smooth insured Li Xiangdong, due to be reimbursed (including serious illness reimbursement) of about 36000 yuan. The agency deputy chief Li Jun, the undersigned person agency a report entitled "on the West yaocao village of Pingyi County town villagers Li Xiangdong’s illustration of" (hereinafter referred to as the "note") said, in December 2015, Li Xiangdong had paid 150 yuan of new rural cooperative medical insurance, but not to charge the village people pay agency, did not provide the insured list, resulting in Li Xiangdong’s information collection system of medical record. I am eighty thousand yuan is also a lot of relatives and friends borrowed a lot of money, Li Xiangdong told surging news, but fortunately the doctor told him that the condition is temporarily stable, only need to go to the hospital for a year to check the two. The village committee to raise money to compensate the "explanation" shows that in March 24, 2016, the West yaocao village to one agency paid 570 yuan to Li Xiangdong to re submit the NCMS, April 24th after Li Xiangdong will be generated after reimbursement of medical expenses. The State Planning Commission on April 29, 2016 issued the "on 2016 the new rural cooperative medical work notice" provisions, individual farmers to pay the cost of 150 yuan, the per capita national levels of financial subsidies for 420 yuan. In other words, a farmer to participate in the new rural cooperative, local social sector should be charged 570 yuan. According to a staff member of the Linyi Municipal Bureau of human resources and Social Security Department of medical insurance, to participate in the NCMS need to pay a fee for one year, if in the period of centralized payment system (10 per year to December next year) to pay fees, you can use NCMS reimbursement; if in the year 1 to March to pay, after the March 1st the situation can be reimbursed; like Li Xiangdong, in March after, only to pay a month after reimbursement..相关的主题文章: