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Outdoors After the scourging heat of the summer, the monsoon showers are a pleasant wel.e. People both working and studying have a ball of a time enjoying the monsoon rains and the wonderful weather of freshness and serenity it brings along. Children splashing around and jumping in the puddles is a sight worth seeing. The aroma of the wet soil is like the most expensive perfume. Everything is covered in lush greenery and there is an air of calmness and newness all around. This is both uplifting and inspirational in many ways. The .forting wet climate is like a reward for bearing the harsh summers heat and indeed it is a bliss to be amidst this newness. But .e what may, no season can dampen the workaholic spirit of this city of dreams. This season not only brings along calm soothing climate but also the re-opening of schools and colleges. Mumbaikars function on the principle of work hard, party harder. With rains fast approaching, people also wish to enjoy a decent short holiday. So, as a way of rejuvenating, people find alternate ways of relaxing and refreshing with the downpour. Owing to these factors, citizens look out for monsoon picnic spots for weekends. They consider places which are close to their homes and offering a decent picnic spot. These monsoon picnic spots are ideal for a small family weekend or a weekend with friends. When people hunt for picnic spots near Mumbai in monsoon, they have to bear in mind the proximity and time that goes in traveling to and fro. They generally search for new and adventurous places which are located close to their city. They also look for resting inn and resorts in order to refuel and refresh after the playful time spent in the waterfalls. So not only are you having a gala time in the waterfalls, you find yourself also doing a host of adventurous physical activities. Infusing leisure and fun is the new hype of outing and these growing picnic spots near Mumbai offer some great varieties. Some of the best places to visit in the monsoon season are the hill stations and mountain trails located close to the city. The lush green mountains and the wonderful natural waterfalls are a visual treat anyones eyes. Hill stations like Lonavla, Igatpuri and the likes, see flocks of tourists, majorly from cities looking for fun and quick getaways. Many resorts and farms have sprung up too, to cater to the growing need of the hour. These resorts also offer adventure activities like rappelling, zip line, etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: