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Take a luxury cruise to Vietnam is what kind of experience – Sohu pictorial travel Li Hongyu first stood on the beach in Taiwan Tainan City, a somewhat desolate fishing village, the blue one kind of Haitian attracted me, then have a crush on the sea. I often see the sea, swimming in the sea, also put on a professional diving suit into the sea, every contact with the sea makes me excited. This is a selection of Star Cruises Virgo seven days and six nights of the trip from the sea to go to Vietnam, I feel another sea, a more realistic sea. You can soak in the pool at the stern, passing ships, the blue sky and the boundless sea. Or resting on the top deck chair, as the sea breeze, listening to the sound of the waves. Virgo Virgo (SuperStar Virgo) is the Star Cruises (Star Cruises), a luxury cruise ship, built in 1999. Cruise has a total of 13 layers, the length of up to 268 meters, a width of 32 meters, is a very large cruise ship, large enough to resist most of the waves. Room reservation balcony sea view room, the room is small but very warm, there is a small balcony, there are two chairs, a table, is the vast expanse of the sea outside. The journey countless sitting on the chair, put your foot on the table a, look to the sea, that kind of feeling is very wonderful. Most of the top deck of the cruise ship to spend most of the time on the sea drift, there are many performances on the cruise and a variety of recreational facilities. In all the entertainment facilities, my favorite is the top deck, almost every day to swim, or bubble hot spring, nothing will come around. Can also be on the top deck overlooking Pinglan, in a position to see the other ships are basically a downward angle. What restaurant is called a sea view restaurant? This is a cruise on the sea view restaurant for dinner, the window is the vast sea. Star cruises on the dining environment is great, there are a variety of restaurants to choose from, every day to open your eyes before sleeping, almost uninterrupted supply of all kinds of delicacy. There are a lot of invincible seascape to see the sea, you can walk in the soft sand, can dive into the mysterious sea, also can take a cruise, with another perspective and feel the sea. You can see the sunset at sea, but you may never see it at sea. On the day of the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, Hong Kong, the weather is very good, the first time in the evening to see the sunset at sea. The night under the sea cruise docked in Ha Long Bay for a day, because the Ha Long Bay port is relatively small, Virgo is too large to stop, and stop shuttle tourists with feeder ship on the ocean. When night fell, the other side of the Ha Long Bay lights, very beautiful. Most people will choose to travel by car, train or plane, only a small number of people experienced cruise travel. As a two choice of cruise travel, I think this is a very innovative way to travel.相关的主题文章: