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Real-Estate Youve taken the plunge and decided to buy a property abroad and move there to live all year round. What do you need to know? Deciding to move to a new country is a big step. Even if youve been there many times on holiday, youve probably only done a couple of weeks at a time. Living permanently somewhere new is a challenge, and one that you should research and be very sure of before you take it on. Research Theres really no substitute for spending some time making sure that buying this property abroad is the right step for you. For example, you should take a trip to your chosen location during the low-tourist season, to see what the resort or area is like when the tourists arent there. Whether youre planning to set up a business, or just enjoy the life, youll need to know that there are things to do and shops open all year round. Investigate the local culture and way of life to decide whether you will fit in or whether it will be hard work to get to know people the more social and .munity events there are, the easier it will be for you to settle. Budget Make sure that you budget for everything before you start. Its not just buying a property abroad, its furnishing it and fitting it with all the things you need if youre living there permanently. There are things you can do without for a 2-week holiday, but not on a long-term basis. You may also need to buy a car, and you will certainly need to budget for paying bills and local taxes. Health & Welfare Make sure you check out how the healthcare system works in the country where youre buying your property abroad, so that you have something in place from the day you get there. If the country youre moving to has an agreement with the UK, you may be able to qualify for healthcare using the E111 form. If the healthcare system is private, then find a reliable provider who can explain the sort of cover that is available to you and at what price. Managing your finances You will need to have a bank account in your new country, but you may also want to keep an account open in the UK and you may have investments and savings that need looking after here. It may be worth thinking about drawing up a Power of Attorney agreement, allowing someone you trust in the UK to handle any financial problems that arise. These are just some of the things you will need to consider if you are going to live full-time in your property abroad. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: