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Home-and-Family A lot of parents tend to lean toward the typical white ceiling fan design for their children because it suites any gender and room style perfectly. It will adapt from the toddlers years on up to and into the teenager’s always-changing stages. A white ceiling fan is not longer just another plain old white ceiling fan. It can add dimensions to your home in ways you probably have never even thought of. For instance: not just for your sports minded teenage boy but your sports inclined spouse’s den or any recreation room. Add pizazz by adding a fan with a sports theme. They are a perfect match for any kind of sports that the guy or girl is involved in. And… these fans will help in circulating fresh cool air around the room and lower your electrical and heating cost all year too. When you purchase your ceiling fan keep the following major factors in mind: the brand name, is it built with anti-humming and wobbling mechanics, will it be long-lasting, is it easy to mount and operate, and of course… how cost effective is it? One white ceiling fan that is sporty and practically priced is a 42 inch ceiling flushed fan that has ornamental fan blades. These blades can be switched from a white finish to a variety of sport patterns on both sides. No matter what sport you are gaga over, be it baseball, football, soccer, tennis … whatever, there is a blade out there that will represent it. This specific fan .es with designer light fixtures is not only makes it jaw dropping attractive but surprisingly cheap at only $80.00, attractive price wise too. Thus now you have your game right in your private room, on top of the ceiling! There is also a wonderful fan that was manufactured to not only bring cool relief on a hot scorching day, but made to be outdoors in any type of weather condition. With a motor base that is available in a smooth white finish, it is .bined with 52 inch palm leaf blades giving it a lovely tropical appearance. It has a 6 inch down rod and a 172 by 17 three speed motor with a pull chain function, which makes it perfect for the patio and even the kitchen if you prefer the cabana effect! It all depends on your personal preference and taste when choosing a fan that meets your wants and needs. The two fans above are splendid in price and design but you shouldn’t stop there. There are unlimited choices out there if you would just do some light window shopping. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: