White Warcraft 13 crazy in the first quarter of the 25 points he led the reversal of Liaoning (video-lata-01

In section 13 10 Warcraft single white crazy 25 points he guided Liaoning reversed Randolph third quarter scored 25 points [collection] Liaoning 113-109 Shenzhen GuoShao miss Liaoning November 9th 2016-17 22+16 Korea sports Tencent to reverse the CBA regular season in the fifth round, the Liaoning team in the opening 2-15 down, 113-109 reverse away victory over the Shenzhen team after the ban Guo Ailun of the field did not play. In this game, the inside Liaoning foreign aid Randolph became the greatest hero, he alone in the third quarter of 13 voted 10 to get 25 points, finally scored 39 points and 9 rebounds highest. To say how good Randolph is playing tonight, it’s time to talk about the third part of him. The third quarter of the game began, Randolph became the offensive side of the arrow in Liaoning, he was thrown out of the game even scored 5 points to help Liaoning to break the gap in the middle of the time in a short period of time to reduce the 60-63 to 8. From the end of the third quarter when there are 9 minutes and 53 seconds, Randolph on the right side of the basket with Zhao Jiwei outside pass, a complete dunks with both hands in the opening 2 minutes scored on Randolph and it has opened the prelude to his single acting crazy. See Randolph offensive state is good, Liaoning also take the initiative to help him outside the opportunity to create. The first is Hodson by the defense around the front a little inattentive chance, the ball from the basket to hang closer to Randolph, Randolph after the ball hit a layup and cause defenders foul. A round then, Randolph and another defender Zhao Jiwei "Chemistry", Zhao Jiwei in the restricted area was singles Pargo, Randolph understands the empty cut in place, the ball hit the basket smoothly. In less than 4 minutes after the start of the game in the third quarter, Randolph has scored a score of 11. Randolph is an all-round player inside, both baskets back or call each other to defend great trouble, at the same time, nicknamed the "white devil beast" Randolph’s excellent fighting ability also often let his players overwhelmed mark. When the third day race is 5 minutes and 02 seconds, the Liaoning team offensive, Hodson right along the line break layup off, Randolph beat the other defensive players hands buckle up! Said Randolph is one of the most diverse players inside the CBA offensive means, is not too afraid, in his brave play in the third quarter, not only inside the shock staged a series, the three – point line is also very killer. When there are 3 minutes and 43 seconds from the third end of the game, Randolph outside the ball, feint ball, hit a record three points, after the transition, Shenzhen attack failed, Liaoning instigated back, the ball still came to the three point hand feeling hot hands of Randolph, Randolph shot three points again! Hit two points in a row of three points, Randolph helped Liaoning achieved a leading edge of 85-79. This section of the game, Liaoning received a total of 37 points, 16 points margin of victory, and Randolph scored 25 points on a person. Liaoning men’s basketball team is also relying on Randolph outbreak in the third quarter, the situation reversed on the field, and ultimately won the victory. It may not be Randolph’s best game since he played for Liaoning, but today’s third quarter is definitely worth remembering. This is Randolph for)相关的主题文章: