Who Would Be Your Perfect Castaway .panion-pigeon blood

Travel-and-Leisure We all have fantasies…aspirationsdreams…but could yours ever .e true or is it just a figment of the imagination? One which you can only get back to on a night when you fall back to sleep. Theoretically, if you had one chance to do it, one opportunity to be cast away on a desert island or a private bay where you could say what you want, do what you want and be with who you want, where would you go and who would you go with? 1. Location: New Providence Island, The Bahamas .panion: Daniel Craig, 007 Imagine this; youre laid on your longer watching the calm waters lap against the stunning shore, the sparkling blue waters glistening like diamonds under the ferocious sun rays beaming down. Youre skin is glowing a golden brown and you feel utterly rejuvenated after the full body massage youve just received, when out of nowhere, Daniel Craig emerges from the Caribbean Sea baring nothing but skin tight pale blue trunks. His mission is to meander along the beach all day, while yours is to lay their all day long, lapping up the sun, as well as the enviable views! 2. Location: North Island, The Seychelles .panion: David Beckham, Football extraordinaire Spend your holiday in the shoes of Mrs Beckham herself. While lazing along the beach of the sensational powder-white sands, peek over those over-sized Gucci shades and admire Becks from afar. Sunbathe in the extreme heat, wander the island together and then head out for a romantic dinner together. Your mission on this trip is to check out Davids ball handling and to see what new tricks he has in store. 3. Location: Maya Beach, Koh Phi Phi Leh .panion: Leonardo Dicaprio Think private lagoons, enchanting, encapsulated bays and luminous turquoise waters where the only prying eyes .e from the winged creatures above. Gaze upon Leo while hes spearing the fish, hunting for food and building your tent. Unless youre planning on swimming as Leo once did, the island can only be reached via boat, so book your trip in advance. Youll never want to wake from your dreams on this vivid, stunning island. 4. Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico .panion: George Clooney Imagine laying under the beautiful blue skies, when from nowhere your waiter appears and its no other than the amazing George Clooney, wandering over with a glass of champers and .e cold, crunchy chocolate for you to enjoy. As George hits the surf, you could join him for a dip, wander this tropical island or laze the days away without rushing this amazing once in a lifetime dream! Head back to his bachelor pad for the evening. 5. Location: Greece .panion: A variety Be greedy in Greece and have several .panions. First of all, you must visit the stunning island of Skopelos where Pierce Brosnan will be dancing and singing to the good old Abba hits, let him waltz you up to the church where you can marvel at the spectacular scenery together. Next head to the charismatic island of Kefalonia where you could be Nicholas Cages Penelope Cruz and act out a love scene filled with passion, as they did their hit movie. Sip a tequila sunrise on the sizzling island of Santorini and gaze upon Matt Damon as he runs around searching for his Bourne Identity and last but not least, book cheap holidays to Crete and begin your experience beside Anthony Quinn in which you can discover the earthly pleasures of Greece and get an extra lust for life, just like Zorba the Greek. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: