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Peng Shuai and Mohamed combined broadcasting network 2:0 in the rival promotion news agency of the new network in Guangzhou in September 23, final – (Shen Zhao) 23, Peng Shuai and Mohamed combined in a wide network of women’s doubles semi-final with a big score 2:0 in the finals, Liu Chang riske combination. The 23 day, Peng Shuai and Mohamed combined with Liu Chang, because there are two combinations of risk portfolio, a China Book players, it was said Chinese has been locked in advance of the wide network of women’s doubles final "a" quota. Peng Shuai, Mohamed, respectively, in the final 6:3, 6:4 victory over the opponent, after the game, said the opponent technology is good, but the state may be some ups and downs of the." As a veteran, Peng Shuai said that China’s tennis development trend is very good, over the years to participate in professional tennis women more and more, the level is also getting higher and higher. "Actually, I have been playing with the domestic players from here to the next station, I heard that I will be the first round of Wuhan on Zhang Shuai, and the first round here I was on the Zheng Saisai." Peng Shuai said. It is understood that this is the first time Peng Shuai wide network events and the formation of doubles doubles partner, two people are also the first battle of the combination of the war with the. Peng Shuai memories, before the game, she had to communicate with Mohamed, two people said that the combination of the two are not familiar with, but as long as the efforts to play their own style and level on the. Mohamed also said after the game, although she and Peng Shuai is the first cooperation, but showed a high degree of understanding, as if the two played a long ball. Peng Shuai also said that the next Wuhan, Beijing regret two races cannot and Mohamed continued to team, because when the US Open as early as before, Peng Shuai and Czech’s Christina plans to fight in the two games. (end)相关的主题文章: