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Winner of the Nobel prize in physics "like" Chinese "eye" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Guiyang, September 24 (reporter Wu Jialin, Hu Xing) from the radio telescope to the pulsar, from gravitational waves to wormhole theory…… American physicist, Nobel prize winner Joseph Taylor? 23 in the first middle school of Guiyang city hall and Guiyang middle school students chat up the mystery of the universe, always mention a word — FAST. FAST is a 500 meter aperture spherical radio telescope. This is one the world’s largest diameter radio telescope located in Guizhou Province, Qiannan Pingtang County grams of town, known as the "eye Chinese". September 25th, FAST will be officially put into use, to explore the mysteries of the universe deep space. This is the reason for Joseph’s trip to China, which is the reason for the trip to china. As early as 42 years ago, Mr. Taylor on FAST’s "predecessors", American Arecibo telescope help, and other scholars found a binary pulsar system, then using the long-term observation telescope, providing solid evidence for the existence of gravitational waves, in 1993 won the Nobel prize in physics. Now, he will witness fully beyond the Arecibo telescope in all aspects of the FAST official "eyes". "I would like to congratulate the builders of FAST, who built the world’s largest and most sensitive equipment on schedule." Mr Taylor said, "I expect that FAST will bring a lot of new and important scientific and technological achievements, and I am looking forward to seeing the results." The National Astronomical Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences deputy director Zheng Xiaonian said, FAST broke through the radio telescope meters limit, it has a receiving area of 30 football fields, increased about 10 times than Germany, 100 m telescope sensitivity increased about 10 times than the comprehensive performance of the Arecibo telescope. It will maintain the status of world class equipment in the next 20 to 30 years. Zheng Xiaonian said, FAST will likely find strange bodies more, to observe the pulsar, explore the origin and evolution of the universe, galaxies and the Milky Way system evolution, can even search for interstellar communication signals, to carry out the exploration of extraterrestrial civilizations. Peng Bo, deputy director of the National Observatory, FAST engineering, said: This is the first time in the world of radio astronomy in China has the world’s number one equipment, I am excited to sleep." He told reporters, FAST has attracted a large number of foreign scientists, they have expressed willingness to cooperate. "Before, many Chinese scientists went abroad to study. Now with FAST, foreigners want to come to china." Joseph said that FAST will enhance the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for space exploration, so that more people approached science, China will also occupy a more important position in the field of global science and technology. Report hall, students continue to throw a problem, want Mr Taylor to explain the mysteries of the universe. In the face of these warm and studious young people, Mr. Taylor felt that, with the help of FAST, the next Nobel prize will be born here.相关的主题文章: