Winter hot is a truth or car crash – Sohu car pgd-426

Winter hot is a "truth" or "car crash"? Sohu – car this time of the year to around on the "in situ hot" quarrel again some people think that "can be heard without end, what time, and go, which so many business", some people think that "hot winter is in the car crash." Well, today, the master is coming to an end! For the hot debate, has been the two dial issue. A group of people said: under the car to go, the more the more hot car! Another group of people: a heat for a few minutes, the car did not like what to destroy two! Is this concept, from the "carburetor engine" era — 20 years ago, the domestic automobile carburetor engine, using technology. While no carburetor reaches a certain temperature, can not be a good fuel atomization dilution, will cause the oil supply system is not working properly, easy to make the engine speed instability, which will stall. Just like a spray pipe, the more uniform the fuel injection, the more powerful the engine will be. So, in the road before, when people develop a "hot warm" habit. Someone may ask: my car is to preheat the transmission ah, just start the car did not find it particularly strenuous shift! Yes, the cold car to shift in the crude sense, because the cold state gear oil flow to the lower part of the gearbox, transmission gear without complete lubrication was a result of. But whether it is automatic, manual, or CVT gearbox, gearbox in situ hot heating efficiency is very low. Because when in situ hot hanging in a neutral or P file, then the engine has started preheating, the water temperature gradually increased, but it is not engaged with the gear box, gear box is not running up in other words. So, for a long time only in situ hot heat engine into the working temperature, the transmission is in a low temperature state. Now the car really need to be "hot"? Here clearly tell you that this "old age is not needed! The reason is very simple, modern cars are using electronic fuel injection system, the carburetor has already been eliminated (2001, the state banned the sale of carburetor car). The working principle and the carburetor EFI system is completely different, through computer control, can accurately control the injection quantity, but also to ensure the good atomization effect, after the start of a very short period of time can stabilize the speed, effects of ambient temperature on it is very limited, so there is no need to warm up. So, there is no need to EFI era special hot, not only without any help, but there are a lot of harm. Let’s say is harm: harm 1: hot oil you place the hot car, open the engine is not moving, this is the first naked waste, and idling fuel consumption was high, simply can not endure. Hot 2: harm of carbon deposition under idling condition, the air intake of the engine, the fuel combustion is not sufficient, so it is easy to cause the carbon carbon deposition will lead to a loss of power, a series of problems such as increased fuel consumption. Hot 3: cold start pollution hazard after the idle, incomplete combustion, coupled with the system相关的主题文章: