Women’s beauty becomes disfigured, chin as long as the heel (video) christie stevens

Women’s beauty becomes disfigured, chin heel as long as the love of beauty, and beauty to go plastic people in recent years, more and more, but not a cosmetic change disfigured also showed an upward trend. According to a statistics China Consumer Association, beauty and other fields for many years is a hot consumer complaints, in the past 10 years, China’s average every year because of cosmetic disfigurement nearly twenty thousand complaints, 10 years have destroyed 200 thousand face. New York Times reported that, following the United States and Brazil, China has become the world’s third largest cosmetic country. The whole course is good, but now the cosmetic surgery industry as a whole little dragons and fishes jumbled together, destroyed, it will cause a lifelong regret. Today, we’re going to talk about micro plastic surgery. Guangzhou’s Liu Xiaojie (a pseudonym) is a training company lecturer, usually pay attention to their image. She is the original features handsome, but always suspected his face is a little circle, not a popular awl face "". "Always wanted a angelababy like chin, look a bit thinner, some small face." Liu Xiaojie said he had a friend opened a beauty studio, usually on the regular facial care. My friend said, recently in an acidic fibroblast growth factor (aFGF), the price is cheaper than the botulinum toxin injection, including a total fee of only 2000 yuan, not only can also help eliminate wrinkles, chin shaped. Friends in the lobby, Liu heart, because the price is not expensive, she is not only a shot in the chin, neck to neck lines, also in a shot. At first it did have some effect, "the chin looks a little bit longer." Liu Xiaojie said, but after more than two months, the chin continues long, seem a bit unusual, a needle neck is longer hengrou. Miss Liu was frightened, hurriedly go to a regular hospital plastic surgery department to check, the doctor diagnosed as "abnormal" shape growth factor after injection, must through surgery to correct. In desperation, Ms. Liu agreed to surgery, doctors removed a small hyperplasia from her chin, the face has improved, but two or three months later, chin began to grow, Liu had went to the hospital, and then made a tissue resection. The doctor said: "growth factor" are frequent failures often change vest in recent years, the "growth factor" injection failure cases gradually increased. "Every once in a while, the cosmetic industry will emerge a so-called" high-tech products ", we recently encountered in clinic such as Liu Xiaojie were significantly increased, resulting in some parts of patients with abnormal growth in injection of growth factor, had to go to the hospital to repair." Professor Hu Kuikui director of plastic surgery center of Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center said that these patients is the basic red injection site, beyond the normal facial contour, such as nose irregular swelling, chin redness, abnormal growth, the side is like the heel, and uplift the chin continues to grow, the operation is difficult to eradicate. Professor Hu Kuikui, are injected into the patient’s facial acidic fibroblast growth factor, the domestic price of 100 yuan a box, can be used as a clinical burn wound, diabetic foot ulcer patients with skin repair e相关的主题文章: