Zheng sugar market volatility is expected to be broken! 9c8836

Zheng sugar market volatility is expected to be broken! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! ICE10 raw sugar contract to maintain the above average high strong concussion, July highs since the 60 day moving average support is strong, but the upward trend remains intact, July so far during the 2 month period, 2 times at the end of the year but did not continue to challenge the high success at MACD energy show departure from the top slowly shrinking, facing the direction sexual selection, new hot speculation needs to do more. Thailand India new yield little change, but also with the India Thailand, precipitation recovery, production status will be gradually reduced, Brazil is pressing state in high horsepower, Thailand and Indonesia currently news to offset the loss of the international production of the fundamentals of a neutral state, the domestic market is nearing the end of the mid autumn Festival, such as no new hot stimulus, long-term market outlook will turn negative stagflation, while U.S. interest rates are expected to reignite the dollar index rose, commodities will once again face downward adjustment, the addition of sugar will be tested. It is understood that the domestic Zheng sugar 1701 main contract almost simultaneously in the second half of the year and the trend of sugar, at the beginning of the July year highs, go to the 60 day moving average (first platform support), then rebound to the present, there is a double sign, similar to sugar trend, MACD departure from the top tend to need to pay close attention to however, the current overall still belongs to the strong side of the trend. Domestic fundamentals, the current domestic industrial stock situation than last year, the pressure is small, but the huge inventory of smuggled sugar digestion so that this year is expected to become tense supply and demand situation is not warm. At present, the Mid Autumn Festival this year, the basic stock will come to an end, the market sugar spot tepid sales can clearly tell us a short time the market is no shortage of sugar, do not be too nervous at the same time, the state reserve sugar under this background and stick to people throwing storage on the heart is not a small pressure. The addition of sugar imports have increased gradually, the domestic sugar sugar processing pre digest completely after getting into the sugar free press, Mid Autumn Festival and superimposed factors, is expected to stimulate sugar imports continue to increase, to support the sugar market. It is reported that after July, the cost of imported sugar is generally in the range of 19-20 cents, resulting in the loss of quotas, which is expected this year, imports of sugar is expected to be controlled within 3 million 800 thousand tons. Although smuggling rampant before was restrained, the market situation has changed, but still can not completely banned, how to continue the situation shortly after observing the crackdown. At present there is half a month Mid Autumn Festival, the beginning of September August sales data released, is expected to be more than July years or for the best month, expected to have more market speculation, but after the Mid Autumn Festival will enter the traditional off-season pressure and new crop, the market probably rate will drop prices, overall, the next still need close influence on the trend of the international sugar sugar zheng. About the ICE10 month sugar operation, the cautious chase, watching short positions, if can break before the high volume and maintain more than 2 days, that can buy Qingcang into, such as MACD energy continued to shrink, and took place, can temper the Qingcang test empty theory相关的主题文章: